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ADAS Part 4 Closed Bell

Craig Hackett

Craig Hackett loAs the oil and gas industry continues on its current trend of massive investment, creating work and opportunities for commercial divers worldwide, saturation divers in the Southern Hemisphere are now commanding salaries of up to AUS $1400 a day.  Craig Hackett, who completed his ADAS Part 4 Closed Bell Course in Tasmania, in 2009, tells us about his career as a saturation diver.

“I was brought up in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, and after completing 3 years secondary school, I joined the army at 17.  I stayed in the army full time for 4 years, and then in the reserves for 2 years.  During that time I travelled in Australia, Asia and Europe.  I returned to New Zealand and joined the Navy, where I completed my ADAS Parts 1, 2 and 3 with the New Zealand operational dive team.

“The challenges of the clearance diver course was my original reason for beginning to dive.  I was then attracted to the commercial diving industry when I heard of the money that could be made in that sector.  Ultimately I was looking for money and travel; I’ve found both.

“Completing the ADAS Part 4 Closed Bell Course has been one of the best investments in my life.  You will learn the basics of working and diving from a saturation dive system and how to operate it, the rest you’ll pick up once you’re on the job.  You won’t get on the job without the certificate though.   I found the senior instructors to have a wealth of knowledge, the physics teacher was excellent.  I’ve never really fully grasped physics on my previous dive courses but found he explained it really well.

“I mainly work now as a saturation diver, but I still do some work as an air diver too.  I am currently working in Papua New Guinea.  As well as the money side of things, I love the travel aspect of my work, plus the time off you get.  Some of the long trips (3 months plus) can get a bit tiring though.

“As a sat diver in Asia you can earn $1000-$1400 USD a day, depending on the company’s rates.  To work in Asia, it is best to go to Asia and go to the companies in person. It took me a month to find a company willing to take on someone without offshore experience.  It will happen though, you just have to be patient.  I’ve heard of people getting jobs via e mails and phone calls, but to have the best chance I would recommend going to Singapore.

“It can be very tough to get a break in the commercial diving industry, but with no risk you’ll never get there.  Doing the sat course has opened up doors for me, for things that would never have been possible otherwise, and I earn more money than I ever thought I would be able to.  I’m very grateful for what I’ve got from completing the sat course and from this industry.”

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