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Premium ROV

£10,030 for our next Premium ROV Course saving you over £3,000


7 week Premium ROV: £10,030 – save over £3,000 on the cost of your course*


Our Premium ROV course covers a comprehensive range of technical and operational training giving you the best introduction to the demands of the ROV industry.

This 7 week course combines the skills and training taught in our 3 week ROV Pilot Technician Course with extensive training in

  1. ROV Pilot Technician Electronics Training Course; a basic introduction to electronics and electrical systems;
  2. ROV Pilot Technician;
  3. High Voltage and Electrical Safety;
  4. Titan 4 Manipulator Training;
  5. Fibre Optics – Systems, Integration and Testing plus Optical Fibre Fault Analysis – OTDR;
  6. Working at Height;
  7. Experience using our VMAX Triton XL Simulator;
  8. Addiitional practical OBSROV flying exercises or WROV familiarisation*. 

So, as well as the live, industry relevant flying experience and flight support skills you get on the ROV Pilot Technician Course, you’ll also gain the practical electronics skills and qualifications you’ll need to get your foot in the door of the ROV industry, along with important industry-specific experience and training.

ROV employers require personnel who can maintain and repair the ROV quickly and efficiently, as well as having the operational competencies needed to carry out the job; it can be quite a pressurised role.

The completion of this course will help develop your competency and includes the elements of the basic ROV syllabus in compliance with the requirements of the IMCA competence scheme for ROV personnel.

Price: £10,030 – special offer* 

*Reduced from £13,373; special offer price is secured on payment of course deposit. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time so be quick and take advantage of these great savings today!

For all available dates and prices see here.

Certificates Gained

On successful completion of this course, you will have obtained an SQA Customised Award in ROV Subsea Support Skills (SCQF equivalent Level 6 and 7), made up of the following modules:

Level 6 Award:

  • SQA Electrical Fundamentals;
  • Electrical Installation: An Introduction to Industrial Electronics;
  • Electrical Installation in Adverse / Hazardous Conditions;
  • Engineering Systems – Hydraulics;
  • ROV Piloting Skills

Level 7 Award:

  • Introduction to Electronic Test Equipment and Measurement;
  • Fault Diagnosis on Basic Electronic Circuits.

You will also gain the following internal certificates:

  • Working at Height
  • High Voltage and Electrical Safety
  • Titan 4 Manipulator
  • Fibre Optics – Systems, Integration and Testing

*dependent on operational availability

Course delivery

This course is delivered on a full-time basis.

Course Price and VAT

Our training courses are VAT exempt – so we only have one course price and we don’t charge any VAT. We ensure that any profits are re-invested to improve our courses for students. Course dates and prices can be found by navigating through this page and our Student Advisors can help you with any questions you may have.

Prices accurate as of September 2018 and are subject to change.

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Dates & Prices

Please note: Dates marked as Red are Full

For the most up-to-date course dates and availability please contact our student advisors.

Start Date
End Date
Start Date:  03/09/2018
End Date:  19/10/2018
Duration:  7 weeks
Price:  £13,110.00
Start Date:  15/10/2018
End Date:  30/11/2018
Duration:  7 weeks
Price:  £13,110.00
Start Date:  07/01/2019
End Date:  22/02/2019
Duration:  7 weeks
Price:  £13,373.00
Start Date:  18/03/2019
End Date:  03/05/2019
Duration:  7 weeks
Price:  £13,373.00
Start Date:  03/06/2019
End Date:  19/07/2019
Duration:  7 weeks
Price:  £13,373.00
Start Date:  12/08/2019
End Date:  27/09/2019
Duration:  7 weeks
Price:  £13,373.00
Start Date:  21/10/2019
End Date:  06/12/2019
Duration:  7 weeks
Price:  £13,373.00

Case Study

ROV Pilot Technician Chris Steventon 2 lo-resPremium ROV – Chris Steventon

Ullapool man, Chris Steventon, has spent most of his 30 year career at sea; from a fisherman in his early 20s to starting a new business venture in mussel farming on the west coast of Scotland.  After spells as a sales rep in the medical industry and then in the financial services sector,  the lure of the sea brought him back to the underwater world last year when he decided to forge a career as an ROV Pilot Technician.

He said: ‘After trying my hand at a couple of jobs which were more office based, I missed working in a marine environment and also the technical challenges of running a mussel farm.  I was looking for a new career that would last me until my retirement and that was a bit more hands on.  Plus I wanted a career that could be quite lucrative.

Preparing for offshore work

‘I wanted to go offshore and I decided that working as an ROV Pilot Tech was the best way to do that, so I signed up to 7 week Premium ROV course at The Underwater Centre, which I’d heard was the place to go to gain any sort of diving or ROV accreditation.’

‘The course was great because it mixed classroom learning with some real hands on experience.  It was great to be able to get to grips with flying the ROVs.  My first flying session was, on one hand, exactly what I expected, but on the other, a total shock!  After some practice and with close supervision and guidance from The Underwater Centre staff, it became a lot easier.’

‘The skills which I learned during my time at The Underwater Centre are vital to my job, but there is so much more to learn, a lot of which can only be done while actually working.

Recognised qualification

‘I think though the fact that I have a recognised qualification in my SQA Award was definitely a contributing factor to the speed in which I got a job in the industry.  I think that if an employer sees this then they have a degree of peace of mind in the person they are employing and the abilities which they bring to the organisation.

‘When I started I was happy to take whatever I could get.  Recently though, I’ve been working through Oceanscan Agency for ‘N-SEA’ Dutch company.  It’s mainly inspection work using inspection class ROV with CP probe and FMD frame and working in the North Sea on vessel inspecting oil and gas platforms.  At the moment I’m waiting for travel details for a trip with Intergrated Subsea Ltd, working with a Sub-Atlantic Vehicle in the North Sea over the Christmas and New Year period.’

‘A typical day is mostly flying the ROV and occasional repair of ROV.  I have done a mixture of inspection work, DSV work and work class work throughout the past year.  Shifts have been 12 hours but sometimes longer; I was recently having to do a succession of 16-18 hour shifts to fully mobilise two ROV’s!’

Best bits about offshore work as an ROV Pilot Technician

‘The best bits are the money of course, but also the lifestyle.  When you are off at home you are totally free to relax, it’s very satisfactory payback for the hardship of working away and long hours.  The worst bit is sometimes the waiting, waiting on transit, waiting on weather, especially if you don’t have a good book to read!’

The appeal of offshore work was always the potential breaks in between working.  OK, you’re away at work for four weeks, but you work hard for those four weeks and then you have four weeks to spend focusing 100% on your family and personal life.  You can’t do that at a desk-job; you can’t help but bring the responsibilities and worries home with you at the end of the day.

‘I would certainly recommend this sector to anyone, however, you must do your own research and analyse your own situation and decide from there whether or not it’s for you.’

As Chris predicted, the ROV industry has now gone into a big upturn and our students, past and present, are finding themselves very much in demand.


Students are expected to engage positively with the course material.

The course is delivered in English so good written and oral communication skills are required.

Students should also be able to complete mathematical calculations to SCQF Level V standards.

IMCA guidelines for ROV employers recommend that personnel entering the ROV industry should have a nationally-recognised technical or trade qualification completed in electrical, electronic, hydraulics or mechanics and a certain amount of technical experience.  This 7 week course allows those who have technical proficiency, but no qualifications, to strengthen their CV and increase their employability for the ROV industry. To find out more about minimum entry criteria, or to check if you’re eligible, please contact our Student Advisors.

Please note, once you have completed your ROV course, you will also require an Offshore Survival, Offshore Medical and MIST certification to work offshore.  Read more about the offshore industry requirements here.

For more information do not hesitate to speak to our Student Advisors email [email protected] or call +44 1397 703786

Kit List

You are required to bring the following with you:

  • Plenty of warm clothing;
  • High visibility foul weather gear (waterproofs);
  • Safety footwear (e.g. steel toe caps.  Footwear must meet the requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002, and preferably have a ‘CE’ marking.);
  • An up to date copy of your CV;
  • You will also need to bring some basic stationery – including a Casio FX83ES scientific calculator, notebook, pens/ pencils.

For more information email us on [email protected] or call +44 1397 703 786.

For more information and advice about our training contact one of our Student Advisors;
Email: [email protected]
Or call +44 1397 703 786

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