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ROV Courses

Working as an ROV Pilot Technician, you want to be sure that you have the skills ROV employers are looking for.

First-hand, practical ROV experience

Our ROV courses have been re-designed to give you the opportunity to train and gain vital first-hand, practical experience in a variety of skills so that you can become a competent ROV pilot tech or, alternatively, further your already proven piloting and technical skills.

Our ROV courses; packages and modules for your career

Fly ROVs in an open-water environment – alongside commercial divers

During our ROV training packages you will be flying observation class ROVs in an open-water environment, working alongside commercial air and saturation divers. You will also gain invaluable experience of working with real operational work class ROV systems. In addition, the theoretical elements of the course will cover a range of ROV systems, providing you with more knowledge and experience to help you succeed in, or progress, your ROV career.

Specific modules to make you more employable in the ROV industry

For those looking to upskill, our newly added ROV modules offer you flexibility to choose from a range of training options. The ROV modules provide you with first-hand knowledge and familiarity with specific areas most suited to your career development; helping to make you more employable in the ROV industry.

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