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ROV Pilot Technician

Jeremy (Dai) Douglas

ROV Pilot Technician Jeremy [Dai] Douglas 1 lo-resHaving spent more than half of his life serving his country in the Armed Forces, Moray-man Jeremy (Dai) Douglas, 55, was looking to embark on a new challenge – a search which brought him to us, where he trained as an ROV Pilot Technician.

From RAF to ROV

Moving from a career in the RAF as NCO Aircrew (Air Electronic Operator), which saw him serving in Germany, Belize, Iraq and Afghanistan, to piloting remotely operated vehicles around the globe was a natural career progression, and one which Dai has taken to with great commitment and enthusiasm.

Dai signed up for our three week, intensive ROV Pilot Technician Course, which is aimed at those with a good grounding in electronics, engineering or hydraulics.

Skills needed for first job

Dai said, ‘There are other providers offering ROV training for less, but The Underwater Centre is recognised as the premier facility, and the only one which offers concurrent ROV and diver training – an important skill for an ROV operator to master,’ he said. ‘The course was very well structured and well delivered and provided me with the skills which I required when looking for my first job in the industry.’

After Dai had completed his course, he set about finding his first job in what can be a very competitive industry.  He believes the support he received from staff here was vital in helping secure his first post:

Commitment to support you

‘What the Centre offers which, in my opinion, is priceless, is a commitment to keep supporting you once you have completed the course. As a minimum, it means regular emails from Paul Bury, The Underwater Centre’s Head of ROV Training and Operations, about upcoming jobs from the large network of ex-students who use Paul as a hub of useful information.  Paul was instrumental in securing me a week of work experience at Tritech and then my first offshore mobilisation with Film-Ocean.

‘I have been told by several people that the hardest job to find offshore is your first one, as no one wants to gamble on you when you’re starting out. Once you have your first mobilisation under your belt, doors then start to open for you. My first door has opened for me, thanks to Paul and The Underwater Centre.’


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