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Vessels & Equipment

The Underwater Centre has a range of vessels and equipment, giving you first-hand experience and knowledge of the procedures and tools you will encounter and use in your subsea career.

Facilities on our pier and on board the vessels include decompression chambers, a saturation diving system, an offshore wet bell system, underwater welding and burning equipment, hydraulic tools, testing equipment, Kirby Morgan diving helmets and underwater cameras.  As well as the numerous dive stations and HP and LP compressor systems on the pier and on the vessels, we also have portable surface supplied dive stations.  All dive and ROV stations are linked via a private VHF radio system and both ROV video-streams are fed to 6 dive stations via either hard-wire or radio video link enabling dive and ROV teams to work together underwater (just like offshore teams).

We also have two observation class Saab Seaeye Falcon ROVs – equipped with manipulator arms and industry standard sonars   ROV Launch and Recovery and Tether Management Systems, and ROV sonar and an operational work class ROV on our ROV support vessel.  Our Mechanical workshop houses two work class ROVs with an additional ROV control cabin alongside.

Vessels used for training include our three purpose built barges:

  • Air Diver II is a moon pool barge and is used for surface supplied and SCUBA diving.
  • Red Baron is also a moon pool barge and is used for surface supplied and SCUBA diving, plus it is fitted with a two compartment decompression chamber rated for chamber dives to 50m.
  • Talon is a dumb barge specifically set up for mixed gas, or saturation diving, and is fitted with a saturation diving system with external regeneration unit and closed bell.
  • Loch Sunart is our work class ROV support vessel, with operational work class ROV.

For specification sheets on each vessel, please visit our Subsea Trials section here.

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