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Subsea Site

Range of structures, depths, visibility and currents

Our dedicated subsea site provides a realistic offshore environment, with a range of structures, depths, visibility and currents.

ROV, air and saturation diving students all train on one site, providing you with the same operational environment that you are likely to encounter offshore.

The pier and vessels provide access to a series of depths, approximately 4m to 50m, in which a variety of subsea structures are situated.  In addition, HSE Closed Bell students will dive from our saturation diving barge to depths of over 100m, at our deep-dive site, just 1.5km from the pier.

The subsea structures on which both commercial diving and ROV students practice and develop their skills include an oil platform frame structure, concrete-clad pipeline, concrete inspection block, concrete mattresses, and numerous wrecks.  The structures are either reached from the dive and ROV stations on the pier, or from one of our vessels, giving access to a range of depths and seabed features.

The combination of real-life operations and a challenging open-water environment ensure you are getting the best possible preparation for a career in the subsea industry.


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