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Providing a realistic subsea operational environment

Stretching 500m, from our onshore base of operations into our subsea site, the pier at The Underwater Centre has been developed in recent years to give students and companies a realistic subsea operational training environment.

When you step onto the pier, you are governed by the same Health & Safety Regulations as you will find offshore, so as well as training you in the key skills required in your new career, we show you how you are expected to conduct yourself in the working environment.




Underwater Inspection (surface supplied) diving station

2 x ROV Control Cabins

Surface welding bays

Underwater welding (surface supplied) diving station

A-frame ROV Launch and Recovery System

Tools workshop

Additional surface supplied diving station

Grove Telescopic ROV Crane System

Equipment maintenance workshop

SCUBA dive station

ROV Tether Management Systems

Engineering support offices

Twin-lock decompression chamber

Additional Facilities

Pontoon for ease of access to dive barges (see section on vessels)

Classrooms, drying rooms and tea and coffee facilities

Large footprint capable of taking articulated lorries and cranes



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