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Onshore Tank Complex

Workshops, classrooms and a 1.5 million litre seawater tank

Situated at the head of our pier, our onshore dive/ROV complex provides a more controlled underwater environment to enhance our subsea training, as well as additional classrooms and workshops.

ROV Mechanical & Electrical Workshops

The Mechanical workshop hosts a number of work stations as well as two work class ROVs and a hydraulic test bed for practical study, plus we’ve a further Electronics workshop.  If you are a student on our ROV courses you will work with various features of a range of key items of ROV equipment, such as one of our work class ROVs, giving you additional knowledge and experience of ROV systems.

Along with this are a number of ‘clean’ work benches, for you to learn about the use and repair of fibre optics. This includes learning about two methods of repair to a fibre optic – ‘hot melt’ and ‘fusion splicing’.  All communications with the ROV can be via fibre optic link, so understanding and learning these tasks, with practical hands-on experience, will help to ensure a greater level of competency when you’re working as an ROV pilot technician.

Onshore Seawater Tank

Our 30m x 20m seawater tank has an average depth of 4m and a number of realistic seabed features.  Its depth, size and large acrylic viewing panels mean it is very versatile for use in a range of subsea training as well as underwater equipment testing.  The tank also has a surface supplied and SCUBA entry pool, changing rooms and a vehicle access point, and is set up with a full surface supplied diving and Enriched Air Nitrox spread.

If you are a commercial diving student, you will perform your first dive in the tank to familiarise yourself with the equipment and communications procedures before carrying out the rest of your training on our subsea site.  The tank is also used on our Introduction to Commercial Diving Careers Day, where you carry out an underwater task using surface supplied equipment.

Many offshore companies who attend our Introduction to Subsea Operations training request that their staff complete a dive, giving them a better understanding of commercial diving operations.  The tank gives students a realistic experience in a more controlled environment.

The complex also holds the main offices for our ROV and Underwater Inspection departments, as well as additional classrooms for use in ROV training, underwater inspection and rigging and slinging training.

Find out more about our huge range of facilities; email [email protected] or call +44 1397 703 786.

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