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Premium Industry Package

HSE Commercial Diver Training Package: Save 50% on accommdation plus extra important certificates included. Book now to secure your discount!


13 week HSE Premium Industry Package: £14,700 inc VAT; book now

Maximise your employment opportunities with the ultimate air diving career package. This course gives you the essential HSE commercial diving qualifications, which include subsea and surface tools training throughout: it also includes vital additional skills training such as welding and burning, rigging and slinging and underwater inspection.

Special Accommodation Offer – your room and all meals for half price

When booking your course, you can also secure full-board accommodation that includes a shared, en-suite room and three meals, 7 days a week – for just £22/day. This offer means you will save 50% in accommodation costs when compared to our full price accommodation*. Our accommodation is on-site, and only a short walking distance from your diver training site and other facilities, meaning you can focus on your training and we can take care of the rest.

Currently, you will also gain the following extra certificates and training, at no extra cost – all of which will make vital additions to your CV:

  • IMCA Diver Medic or ALST training*,
  • Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox, and
  • MJI 21 Hydraulically Tensioned Subsea Bolted Connections Courses.

These extensive skills training and qualifications form an excellent and essential base for your diving career and improve your diving opportunities once you finish your course.

Choosing the Premium Industry Package will make you the ideal multi-skilled employee as you will gain valuable skills experience, which is what the diving industry is looking for, including more than 56 actual dives. All the dives carried out at The Underwater Centre are entirely practical; you’ll be training on the tools and procedures that you’ll need to know when you’re working as a commercial diver.

*Accommodation charged at £22 per day. Full price is £44 per day. Offer includes fully-serviced, shared, en-suite room and food (3 meals, 7 days a week). Other additional charges for laundry are not included.

Certificates Gained

The certificates you will obtain when you complete the Premium Industry Package are:

  • HSE Surface Supplied
  • HSE Surface Supplied Top Up
  • Subsea Tools Assessment Record
  • Subsea Construction (Welding & Burning, Rigging & Slinging)
  • Underwater Inspection (plus evidence of CSWIP 3.1U Underwater (Diver) Inspector’s Preparatory Course Completion which is a pre-requisite for the CSWIP exam)
  • IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician OR IMCA Diver Medic*
  • MJI 21 Hydraulically Tensioned Subsea Bolted Connections
  • Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Kirby Morgan Helmet & Bandmask Operator
  • First Aid at Work

All of our HSE commercial diving courses are recognised by IMCA under the IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving.

For more information email us on [email protected] or call +44 1397 703 786

*To complete the IMCA DMT or IMCA ALST Course, you will need to return to The Underwater Centre, Fort William, at a mutually convenient time and within two years of completing your Premium Industry Package.  The DMT or ALST and Nitrox Courses are currently included free of charge.  Accommodation for these two week courses is an additional cost. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time, offer is secured on payment of course deposit. 

The HSE Surface Supplied Top Up element of this package is eligible for Tier 3 ELCAS* funding.

*For entitled Forces personnel and service leavers. ELCAS registration number 1593.

Click the boxes below for more information:

The first week of the Premium Industry Package covers essential First Aid at Work training as well as the safety aspects of diving, before going underwater.

Week two of the course moves on to the HSE Surface Supplied Course. This part of the course takes four weeks to complete and includes diving to depths of 50m (165ft), totalling 24 dives, providing you with more experience underwater.
The main aim of this part of the course is to teach you to dive competently in surface supplied equipment and to train you to handle emergency situations such as a loss of air or communications and to learn how to rescue a stricken diver. As your course progresses, the depth you dive to will also steadily increase which will help prepare you for the challenge of diving at depth on air.

After completing the Surface Supplied part of the course, you will then move on to HSE SCUBA.  This part of the course takes three weeks to complete and includes 16 dives to a maximum depth of 30m (100ft), training you to dive competently in SCUBA equipment. These dives are conducted using traditional half masks and demand valve methods, as well as full face masks with voice communications.

You will then move on to the Surface Supplied (Top Up) or wet bell part of the course. You cannot work offshore without this certification. During this one week course, you will complete 7 dives to a depth of 21m (70ft) while using a hot water suit, performing additional wet bell diving operations such as using a ‘golden gate’.  Diving through a golden gate is an important part of working offshore, so this is essential experience for your commercial diving career.

As part of the HSE sections of the course, we also give you comprehensive and vital tools and skills training, enabling you to undertake a wide range of work in subsea construction. Employers will expect you to have this knowledge and experience of industry standard equipment when you start your career as a commercial diver, which is why we include this element of surface and underwater construction training as part of your basic diver training at no additional cost to you.

You will learn to use underwater tools such as hydraulic impact wrench, airlifts and liftbags, disc cutter, a drill and jack hammer, and surface bolt tensioning equipment, which was recently donated to The Underwater Centre by Mach-10. You will also gain experience in the use of hand tools at depth, including the use of a hammer and chisel, learning to cut a steel bar, and the use and maintenance of a hack saw and  ring spanners. On completion of your course you will receive a Task Assessment Record Book to go along with your logbook, providing evidence of the subsea construction skills and abilities you have developed. This Task Book will make it clear to employers that you have the fundamental knowledge and experience required for the job.

Building on the subsea tools training you will have received during your HSE commercial diver training; this course gives you additional skills training in welding, burning, rigging and slinging.

During this two week course you will be taught how to use MMA welding and oxy/acetylene surface gas cutting and gain experience in underwater wet welding, along with receiving training in the use of rigging and slinging tools and techniques such as the use of chain hoists and davits.

At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to combine your new knowledge and experience of these core skills in a project on one of our purpose-built steel structures on the seabed, giving you knowledge and experience of what it’s really like to work as part of a subsea construction team.

When you are working as a commercial diver, you can be sure that you’re going to be employed at some level to carry out underwater inspection. Our two week Underwater Inspection Course has been specifically created to provide you with essential subsea inspection skills, which are required of every new diver working in the inshore and civil engineering sectors. The skills and techniques taught on this course will provide you with vital experience to get you started in your career as a commercial diver.

Please note – this is a preparatory course designed to help you pass the CSWIP examination.  Once you have successfully completed the preparatory course and the Centre’s preparatory examination, you must sit the CSWIP 3.1U examination, which can be booked at TWI in Middlesbrough. There is an additional fee for the exam.  You require an HSE Diving Medical certificate or equivalent to attend the exam.  Our student advisors can assist you with examination bookings if required.

Free IMCA Diver Medic or IMCA ALST Course now included in Premium Industry or Construction Career Package for 2016*

Gain either the IMCA Diver Medic (DMT) or the IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) ticket for free; you can choose which of the two courses you want to complete, depending on your career goals or your immediate job requirements.

The IMCA DMT is a highly sought after ticket; one person in every offshore dive team needs to be trained in advanced first aid, so having this additional certificate will help your employment prospects.  The DMT is seen as pretty much a pre-requisite to working offshore; if your aim is to work offshore, it’s important that you have this ticket.  Inshore companies also favour divers who have the DMT ticket.

Completing the IMCA ALST Course is a good springboard to getting offshore; the vast majority of ALSTs work in this sector.  This course will provide you with practical experience and exposure to a real saturation system, with mixed gas divers in training – experience which isn’t available at any other training school in the world.

*To complete either the two-week IMCA Diver Medic or IMCA ALST Courses, students must return to The Underwater Centre at a mutually agreeable date; and within 2 years of having completed the commercial air diver training, either the Premium Industry or Construction Career Package. 

This ECITB-approved course provides training in a key skill which every offshore construction diver should have.  The one day course provides students with the knowledge and practical experience of working with and using bolt tensioning equipment.  Delivered by an expert from Stork, who also supplied the equipment, the course includes isolations, dismantling, inspection and assembly,  and tightening techniques in this specialist area.

For more details of the MJI 21 Hydraulically Tensioned Subsea Bolted Connections visit the website, here.

Nitrox is the preferred breathing gas for commercial air divers working at certain depths.  It’s routinely used on offshore diving projects, as well as shellfish diving.  Nitrox allows divers to dive for longer and reduces the risk of decompression illness due to the reduced levels of Nitrogen in the mix.  However, most divers and supervisors learn ‘on the job’.  This course – the only one from an independent training provider – gives you a recognised industry qualification and ensures those who are trained in the use of Nitrox are competent and confident.

The Centre’s Nitrox Course includes diving in surface supplied equipment from our custom built Nitrox diving spread, as well as training in our dedicated O2 clean room.

For more details of our Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox Course visit our website, here.

Kirby Morgan Helmets are widely recognised all over the world as the standard in commercial diving equipment.
When working as a commercial diver, the company you are working for will provide the helmet for the job, however your employer will expect you to be able to competently perform inspection, set-up and operation procedures.
This course will train you to Kirby Morgan standards to identify equipment deficiencies and perform corrective adjustments and minor servicing of the hat, and efficiently mobilise and de-mobilise the equipment at the start and the end of each dive, ensuring that your new employer can have complete confidence in your care of their equipment. On completion of the course you will receive a two year certification from Kirby Morgan (USA).

Premium Industry Package - Enquiry

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Dates & Prices

Please note: Dates marked as Red are Full

For the most up-to-date course dates and availability please contact our student advisors.

Start Date
End Date
Cost (ex VAT)
Cost (inc VAT)
Start Date:  13/11/2017
End Date:  23/02/2018
Duration:  13 weeks (Break for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year)
Cost (ex VAT):  £12,250.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £14,700.00
Start Date:  08/01/2018
End Date:  06/04/2018
Duration:  13 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £12,250.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £14,700.00
Start Date:  12/03/2018
End Date:  08/06/2018
Duration:  13 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £12,250.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £14,700.00
Start Date:  14/05/2018
End Date:  10/08/2018
Duration:  13 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £12,250.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £14,700.00
Start Date:  16/07/2018
End Date:  12/10/2018
Duration:  13 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £12,250.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £14,700.00
Start Date:  17/09/2018
End Date:  14/12/2018
Duration:  13 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £12,250.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £14,700.00
Start Date:  19/11/2018
End Date:  01/03/2019
Duration:  13 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £12,250.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £14,700.00

Case Study

Premium Industry Package – Reuben Bennett

Brought up in Bognor Regis, Reuben Bennett served in the Parachute Regiment (British Army) Airborne Infantry after leaving college; in this post he tells us about why he chose to leave the army for a career in commercial diving

Make money doing something you enjoy

“I think the main thing that attracted me to commercial diving was the adrenaline factor, although the opportunity to travel was also a big factor.  I wanted to learn a new skill from scratch, something that I could make money from that I enjoyed doing.  I said I wouldn’t leave the paras for anything less than the same wage, and I make more than a private in the army now!”

The benefits of commercial diving

“I’ve been able to take some of the skills I’ve learned from the army into commercial diving: being able to look after yourself, being able to fit in with any group, timekeeping, organisational skills, and being able to lead a group are all important in commercial diving.  I feel I have a lot more freedom in this job, although I’m self employed so I have to motivate myself to be professional.  Also I’m given a lot more trust and responsibility than when I was serving.  On the downside I have to do my own taxes and I don’t get fed 3 times a day!

“The blokes I work with are top quality, you get to travel, but it can be a dangerous job.  I love the professionalism: all divers take a lot of pride in the job.  Every day is different.  I could find myself doing underwater welding, or carrying out a survey of a structure that is submerged, or cleaning jobs using different tools such as jet washers or hydraulic wire brushes.  The only downside for me really is if you’re having a bad dive, you might not be able to come up for hours, so you just have to get on with it.”

Have you got what it takes?

“It’s all about working hard as a team and pulling through, lazy divers don’t make it in this game!  If you don’t mind hard graft and have good problem solving skills, good with your hands and can listen to instructions then you probably have what it takes to be a commercial diver.  You should have a good level of fitness and a willingness to learn. Don’t think you’re going to be raking it in for the first couple of years you take what you can, but after that I’m told it improves. I plan to try and get offshore in the next two years and then I will save up for my saturation diving course.”


In order to be able to attend our Premium Industry Package you will require the following:

An ‘in-date’ United Kingdom HSE Diving Medical Certificate (we also accept Norwegian, Dutch or Irish HSA approved Diving Medical Certificates);

Please note, all courses at The Underwater Centre are taught in English, unless previously arranged, so you must have a good understanding of verbal and written English.

You do not require any previous diving qualifications for the HSE training on our Premium Industry Package.  However, you should be comfortable in water, capable of swimming 100 metres and not suffer from claustrophobia. We recommend that, if you are unsure, you attend one of our Introduction to Commercial Diving Careers Days so you can experience a dive in commercial equipment.

Kit List

You are required to bring the following with you:

  • Plenty of warm clothing;

  • High visibility foul weather gear (waterproofs);

  • A pair of steel toe-capped safety boots.

As part of this package you will receive:

  • Northern Diver Dry Suit, including hose, manual and maintenance kit;

  • Northern Diver woolly bear and neoprene hood;

  • Dive Suit Carry Bag;

  • Personal Hat Liner;

  • Underwater Centre Overalls;

  • Divers Logbook;

  • Professional Divers Handbook by John Bevan;

  • Underwater Centre Commercial Diving T-shirt;

  • All course books;

  • Submission to the HSE of Competency Assessment.

During your course you will also have use of:

  • Neoprene undersuit for under the hot water suits; work gloves; diving knife; and hard hat.

For more information email us on [email protected] or call +44 1397 703 786.

For more information and advice about our training contact one of our Student Advisors;
Email: [email protected]
Or call +44 1397 703 786