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HSE Closed Bell

Mark Sugden

With plenty of work in Asia, Mark Sugden had no hesitation about the opportunities becoming a saturation, or mixed gas, diver would bring to his commercial diving career. Mark recently completed his HSE Closed Bell Course at The Underwater Centre in Fort William, and here he tells us more about why he chose a career as a commercial diver.

From SCUBA to sat diving

Closed Bell student Mark SugdenMark was always an outdoor guy: ‘I was brought up on a farm in South Africa where we had wild game and cattle, I spent a lot of time outdoors and loved it.’

After completing his schooling Mark left South Africa and joined the British Royal Marine commandos and served for 4 years undertaking operational tours. He enrolled on an Open University degree in Environmental Science while serving.  Leaving the Marines in December 2012 Mark started his diving career.

‘I was attracted to the subsea sector by my love of the water, I had previously done my SCUBA dive courses at school and had always done swimming at school so being in the water was natural. The offshore diving also always appealed to me as I am practical with my hands and don’t mind a bit of hard work.’

Mark had plenty of enthusiasm towards diver training and the subsea work opportunities both as an air diver and saturation diver. Now that he has his sat ticket he is keen to continue making a name for himself within the diving industry.

‘I am currently an air diver offshore in Asia but hoping to pick up sat work through a few contacts’.

Advanced diver training on The Underwater Centre’s HSE Closed Bell Course

When asked about how he found the course here in Fort William Mark had this to say: ‘I think The Underwater Centre offers a good course with helpful and experienced staff where all bases are covered.’

Mark added: ‘I would definitely encourage others to consider a career as a commercial diver, but be prepared to work hard, especially in the start of your career, to make a name for yourself.’