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Location & Facilities

With centres and personnel in Fort William, Scotland and Tasmania, Australia, we are able to service the subsea industry in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Our facilities at both locations have been developed working closely with industry, to create an operational environment similar to what will be found offshore.

Fort William

Based on a sheltered, seawater loch, The Underwater Centre, Fort William, has access to depths from 4m to over 150m, all within 1.5km of its pier where the main operations are based.

The pier itself holds numerous dive stations, three surface supplied and SCUBA, as well as two ROV control cabins, ROV Launch & Recovery and Tether Management Systems, a two compartment decompression chamber, welding bays, equipment store and workshop.

The pier also provides access to the range of vessels available on site, including a barge fully equipped with a 6-man saturation diving system, along with two moon-pool barges, set up with a wet bell diving system, surface supplied and SCUBA diving systems, plus a work class ROV support vessel and work boat.

Our subsea site contains a range of structures used in training including a replica oil-platform frame structure, sections of pipeline, underwater welding platforms and numerous wrecks.

Our onshore site, located at the landward end of the pier, holds a 30m x 20m seawater tank with large acrylic viewing panels. The tank, with its large viewing panels, is set up for surface supplied air diving and has a full Enriched Air Nitrox spread as well as a two diver surface supplied system and clean room.

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With two locations providing a range of subsea depths from 6m to 100m, and a choice of seawater or freshwater, The Underwater Centre, Tasmania, has a range of facilities to provide a realistic training experience for students. These include: a diving barge equipped with a saturation diving system and surface supplied air diving system and decompression chamber; a dedicated pontoon; large pier area including dive stations, a wet bell diving system, ROV Launch & Recovery Systems and ROV control cabin; offices, classrooms, decompression chambers, equipment stores, welding bays and workshops.

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Your location

When an operational environment is less of a requirement for training, we also have the capability for providing some elements of training in-house, at a site of your choice.

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