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Work Class ROV for Industry

The Underwater Centre's industry-leading new Work Class ROV for Industry course has been developed to help provide you with the most competent, best-prepared workforce that you need.


This unique new course has been specially designed with a flexible modular structure to best meet your company’s needs.

You can either send your staff on the complete 5-week course for thorough preparation and experience in all aspects of work class ROV practice or choose the modules most relevant to your business requirements.

However you choose to structure your training, the Work Class ROV for Industry course will help make your team as efficient, competent and ‘industry-ready’ as possible.

Give your staff the best training for the job

The knowledge and experience your staff gain from the industry professionals who lead the course would normally take several years to accumulate. This means your staff finish the course with a real advantage and are able to contribute effectively to the industry straight away.

All training and assessment is carried out using a competency-based approach, the competencies being determined by the guidelines for competence in IMCA R 002, IMCA R 010 and IMCA C005 (Pilot Technician Grade II).

The training includes theoretical and practical instruction on basic work class ROV systems and equipment, including practice on an ROV simulator, and gives students a great deal of hands-on training on board our work class ROV support vessel.

Students will also gain valuable experience in flying ROVs from different locations. Flying could take place from our work class ROV vessel, work boat, or the pier, giving them the confidence in operating the ROV in a range of situations.

Everything your staff need to know

The course includes high voltage awareness, as well as practical and theoretical training on ROV electrical systems, ROV hydraulics, mechanical tether management system (TMS) maintenance, work class ROV maintenance and work class ROV operations.

Students will learn launch and recovery procedures, navigation, operation of manipulators and tools, and emergency procedures, all in an operational environment designed to closely replicate offshore industry conditions.

Safety is paramount, therefore training can include additional ROV training for Working at Height. Safe working practices are stressed throughout the training and are an integral part of the course’s theoretical and practical tasks.

The course is truly hands-on: Our Mechanical & Electrical Workshops are right beside the ROV classrooms, so once they’ve learnt something in the classroom students go through to the workshop to get to grips with how it works in practice.

A modular approach

The 5-week course follows a modular structure which covers all key aspects of industry work-class ROV practices, and can be tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements:

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Week 1 introduces staff to industry background and rules, ROV procedures and principles before moving on to hands-on training on the WCROV simulator and operating the manipulator. All training is undertaken as though in a real-life offshore environment at all times.

In week 2 staff undertake practical training in ROV electrical and electronic systems, before moving on to their first ROV flight in open-water. During their first observation class flight in tidal, low-visibility waters they are undertaking simultaneous operations with commercial dive teams working on the same site. This is crucial experience to prepare staff for working in real industry environment.

The hands-on learning that our Work Class ROV for Industry course provides means that students leave the course with a practical understanding of the characteristics and operational function of each component of a work class ROV system. This week your staff will gain specific Work Class ROV hydraulic training and receive vital safety training in working with high voltage.

Electrical cables and their connectors are a critical part of a work class ROV. Correct fitting cables and inspection, cleaning and lubrication of connectors as part of a planned maintenance schedule is vital work. The scenarios your staff are trained in replicate those they would find offshore in their day to day job – both in the workshop and on the vessel – continuing the contextual training experience.

In the final week of our Work Class ROV for Industry course, candidates continue with practical procedures and functions of work class ROV operations with the Triton XL26 on the ROV support vessel, and the XL32 onshore. The second main aspect of the role of the ROV PT is the repair and maintenance of the equipment, so these key points are also reinforced.

Corporate Training - Work Class ROV Training for Industry

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