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Tracerco Tests Innovative New Product at The Underwater Centre

Tracerco tests new product at The Underwater Centre - subsea testingAn innovative new subsea CT scanner has been trialled at The Underwater Centre, the subsea testing and training facility in Fort William, Scotland.

Tracerco, part of the FTSE100 company Johnson Matthey, is a leading industrial technology company providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions to the oil and gas industry. They recently trialled their latest unique innovation, Discovery™, which provides a high resolution tomographic image of pipeline contents and pipe wall thickness by scanning the outside of the pipeline without removing protective coatings.

Discovery™ allows pipeline integrity flaws and flow assurance conditions to be accurately visualised without any interruption to production or the need for pipeline modifications. The scanner is deployed using an ROV and clamped onto the pipe and real time communications allow instant assessment of pipeline conditions.

Unlike alternative technologies, such as ultrasonic and pulsed eddy current, Discovery™ can be deployed without the expense of coating removal/re-application and risk of damaging the pipelines.

Lee Robins of Tracerco commented “In order to fully test Discovery™ it was vital that we used well equipped and realistic facilities to validate the engineering. Trialling at Fort William fulfilled these requirements and, since UK based, we avoided the delay and the expense of shipping the device overseas.”

Steve Ham, General Manager at The Underwater Centre said: “Our trials and testing facilities are increasingly being used to facilitate the ever-expanding range of new equipment coming into the industry.

“Our sea water facilities, onshore tank and support infrastructure offer companies the confidence and reassurance that the results they receive here during trials are what they will experience in practice, therefore saving them time and added expense.”

The Underwater Centre, FortWilliam, which also has a school in Tasmania, is based on the shore of a seawater loch, and is well sheltered by the surrounding mountains.  The Centre’s unique location allows it to provide year-round training and testing in an open-water environment, whilst still being centrally located in the largest town in the Scottish Highlands.

With access to depths of over 100 metres, it is the ideal location to perform realistic and industry specific saturation and air diver and ROV pilot technician training, as well as providing a convenient location for subsea equipment trials.

Anyone interested in more information about The Underwater Centre should contact 01397 703786 or [email protected].

For more information on Tracerco visit their website here.



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