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Underwater Centre’s Diver Training Given a Boost with Latest Design Advances from C-Technics

c-Tecnic harness photoUK-based underwater technology manufacturer, C-Tecnics, has gifted a number of its industry standard diver recovery harnesses to subsea training facility, The Underwater Centre.

C-Tecnics, of Aberdeen, is donating a number of its CE-approved JOK Diver Recovery Harnesses to The Underwater Centre in Fort William to aid divers’ education and competence, by using up-to-date equipment such as the harnesses and ensuring their training experience is as practically accurate and realistic as possible.

The JOK Diver Recovery Harness was designed with the intention of producing a high quality product which could compete as a leader in its field.

Essential to any diving rescue situation, the harness is required to hold the weight of a fully kitted diver, which can be up to 150kg. Vigorous testing methods certified by Life Support Engineering (LSE) included load tests of up to 900kg, which the JOK Harness successfully completed with no damage to the stitching or webbing.

James Ridgeway, The Underwater Centre’s Training Operations Manager, said the Centre was extremely grateful for the donation.

“At The Underwater Centre, we are constantly striving to be at forefront of health and safety and this latest product from C-Tecnics will help us to do so.

“We are grateful to the team at C-Tecnics for kindly giving us this top of the range product, and we very much look forward to trialling it with our commercial diving students.”

In keeping with C-Tecnics reputation for high-tech, cost effective and durable products, the harness is tailored with useful and innovative fittings including easily identifiable certified lifting points and a more comfortable and improved secure fit.

During the development stage, research was carried out with top industry professionals, as well as an arranged seminar which included divers from a range of different companies.  Their feedback provided the design team with solid knowledge allowing them to improve and supersede existing designs.

Lee Duncan, Business Development Manager of C-Tecnics, added: “The JOK Harness has so far been successful within the diving industry with buyers ranging from subsea industry organisations to the Navy and Police diving forces.

“C-Tecnics is confident that the harnesses will stand up to the challenge and positively assist and support the divers during training for their future diving careers.”


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