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ROV Courses

Giving you knowledge and experience in the key competencies required by ROV industry

ROV employers look for pilot technicians who are competent at both flying and maintaining the ROV. Our course has been specifically developed to prepare you in the key competencies that will get you started in your new career as an ROV Pilot Technician.

ROV Pilot Technician Course 1

Working with ROVs used throughout industry

You will be working with inspection class SAAB Seaeye Falcon ROVs, used throughout industry, as well as learning about a wide range of ROV systems that you will encounter offshore.

Real-life ROV operations environment: commercial diver observation

One key role of inspection class ROVs is diver observation.  During training you will be piloting around divers carrying out tasks such as underwater welding, or using air lifts, augers and hydraulic tools to carry out underwater construction tasks – like you will do when working offshore.  You’ll also perform hull, anode, pipeline and shipwreck surveys in challenging, low-visibility waters.  This real-life environment gives you invaluable experience to take into your new career as an ROV pilot technician.

Click the course below for more details on how to begin your career as an ROV pilot technician.

Course Title Course Duration
ROV Pilot Technician 3 weeks