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Vessels & Equipment

The industry-like environment provided on our jetty is completed by our additional onshore dive and ROV facilities, as well as our ‘offshore’ dive vessel.

Moon Pool Barge

Situated at our deep dive site, our moon pool barge is fully equipped to provide the offshore elements of our commercial diver training; with a basket and wet bell for surface supplied air diving, as well as a saturation diving system used during the ADAS Part 4 Closed Bell course.   

Main Building

This building holds a decompression chamber and medical facilities.  The decompression chamber serves two vital functions on site: it provides diver medical support for all dive activities, and is also used for any training which incorporates chamber use, throughout the ADAS Parts 1 – 3 courses and Diver Medic Technician course.

In addition to classrooms, including a practical ROV classroom used for electronics and ROV systems training, and our Student Advisors and Dive Team offices, the main building also has workshops where the bulk of tools, auxiliary machinery, and service equipment are housed. This is where our technical staff work to ensure all equipment in use is maintained.