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Subsea Site

Developed to give a range of experience for commercial divers and ROV pilot technicians

Situated on the Tamar Estuary, our location was carefully chosen to ensure that the commercial diver and ROV training we offer provides a realistic environment; preparing you for many of the subsea conditions you’ll experience in your career.

Main Dive/ROV Site

Used during the ADAS Parts 1, 2 and 3 commercial diver training and for the flying elements of our ROV pilot technician training, our main dive site has a range of depths from 6m to 30m.  This is an open-water site, providing a range of tidal influence, currents and visibility in which to work; giving commercial divers and ROV pilot technician trainees experience of different working conditions.  We have a range of subsea structures, such as lengths of flanged steel pipe and pipe-base and sunken vessels: these are used throughout the air diver training for underwater tasks such as surveys and heavy lift-bag tasks, and practice in using a range of hydraulic and pneumatic tools underwater, as well as providing a selection of challenges for the ROV pilot technician students in areas such as sonar mapping and survey skills, and commercial diver observation and support.

This is also where our underwater welding station is, for training in the use of underwater oxy-arc cutting equipment.

Additional Dive Sites

For shallower SCUBA dives (around 2m), we use a second seawater site nearby.  These shallow dives are useful for familiarising you with new equipment as well as getting to grips with the role of Dive Tender at the start of your course.

We also have access to a small spring-fed dam in the bush.  This site is excellent for learning how quickly a subsea environment can change when disturbed: it’s very clear on arrival but soon reaches zero visibility when diving starts, due to the fine particulate that lines the bottom.

Deep Dive Site

With a depth range from 30m to 100m, nearby Lake Cethana provides ideal conditions for the deep diving elements of our commercial diver training.  Students on our ADAS Part 3 (Air diver to 50m) will carry out dives from 30m to 50m, and students on our ADAS Part 4 (Closed Bell) diver training will carry out 100m bell bounces.