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ADAS Part 1 Restricted (Scientific)


Part 1 Restricted Course: $4,645 inc GST

This Part 1 Restricted Course – formerly known as Scientific – is for those who want to add to their leisure diving certification and undertake work in reasonably benign water, such as aquarium diving, archaeological investigations, scientific research or natural resource management.

The course is aimed at preparing recreational divers to work safely and effectively as part of a commercial diving team, in waters that involve negligible risk.  You will learn to dive using half masks and mouth held regulators, as well as full face masks with communications.  You’ll also learn some basic underwater skills such as sampling and survey tasks.  The training we provide is set up to replicate the work you’ll be doing once you’ve completed your training.  This will provide you with the best preparation possible for adding to your subsea skills.

Price: $4,645 inc GST

For more information email us on or call us on +61 3 6383 4844.

Tasmania ADAS Part 1 Restricted (Scientific) - Enquiry

To receive more information on this course, please enter your contact details below and one of our Student Advisors will be in touch.


In order to be able to attend this course you will require the following: 

  • Current recognised certificate of recreational diving card (e.g. PADI, SSI, or NAUI) (e.g. an open water sports diver qualification from a recognised SCUBA training organisation) or a certificate as a military diver and demonstrate logged evidence of at least 10 dives undertaken since receiving certification and within 6 months of commencing the ADAS training course;
  • If you do not hold a recognised certification card, please let us know and we can advise how to organise this quickly and easily.
  • Current recognised Senior or Apply First Aid certificate (First Aid qualifications must meet the competency requirements of HLTFA402C Apply first aid).
  • Current recognised Oxygen Provision certificate (must meet the competency requirements of national code PUAEME003C Administer oxygen in an emergency situation).
  • Obtain a commercial diving medical – AS2299 or HSE.  Must be in date and cover the full duration of the course.  The certificate is to have been issued within 90 days of the commencement of the training.
  • Be a competent swimmer – Competence should be demonstrated by the trainee completing a 200m swim on the surface using mask, fins and snorkel while wearing SCUBA equipment and neutrally buoyant within eight minutes and by the trainee treading water for ten (10) minutes.
  • Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and vulgar fractions. Be able to calculate percentages, and solve simple formulas, i.e. gas laws.
  • Photo ID (e.g. driver license, passport or National ID Card).
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • English Language – It is a requirement that all students attending an ADAS course must have the ability to read and understand written and verbal communications in the English language and make themselves understood using English. To prove your ability ADAS requires all students from non-English speaking countries to undertake Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) testing and certification prior to commencing a course; visit the LLN website to register and for more details
  • Note:  Although you do not need to have the more advanced certification, Apply Advanced First Aid – HLTFA402B, if you do, it will cover all of the ADAS requirements for First Aid and Oxygen provision.
  • All students who undertake nationally recognised training in Australia delivered by a Registered Training Organisation are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This application process will take a few minutes to complete and is free of charge. For full details of how to obtain a USI, please click here.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the above pre-requisites, or your level of English, please contact our student advisors.

Kit List

You are required to bring the following with you:

  • Plenty of warm clothing;
  • High visibility foul weather gear (waterproofs);
  • A pair of steel toe-capped safety/ leather work boots;
  • Personal dive equipment such as dive knife, fins, gloves and booties;
  • A wet or semi dry suit (we recommend 7mm).

We have a dive shop on site and provide discounts to our students on course.

You are required to bring all of the following safety equipment listed below with you on course:

  • Overalls/ coveralls
  • Work/ riggers gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear protectors
  • Hard hat
  • Work/ safety boots
  • High visibility vest

We have safety kit available to purchase at our dive shop that include all of the above, with the exception of the boots.

We will provide you with all commercial diving equipment for the commercial diving course.

For more information and advice about our training contact one of our Student Advisors;
Or call +61 3 6383 4844