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ADAS Diver Medic Technician


2 week ADAS Diver Medic Technician: $3,090 inc GST

The Underwater Centre’s ADAS Diver Medic Technician Course (DMT) is specifically designed to give you relevant, practical medical experience and knowledge, giving you the confidence to deal with medical emergencies in an offshore environment. The course is IMCA recognized and is comparable to the IMCA Diver Medic Course, so will provide you with additional skills to make you more employable in the subsea industry.

There is a requirement for at least one member of a dive team who is not diving, other than the supervisor, to be trained in advanced first aid.  Some, more remote countries require that 50% of a team in saturation are trained to Diver Medic standard. The role of a Diver Medic is a vital one in the offshore industry and is an integral member of any dive team. When offshore, the nearest medical help may be up to 5 days away due to decompression, so divers need to be able to rely on other members of their dive team for quick and vital medical help in case of an emergency.

The course incorporates hands-on skills training with our decompression chamber.  This, along with a combination of practical and classroom based training, means you will complete your training in the same situation that you will ultimately be working in, giving you experience that will benefit you and your colleagues in an emergency.

Including lectures given by diver medical practitioners with more than 30 years of experience treating divers, and guidance from instructors with years of diving experience, you can be confident that the training you receive with us is at the forefront of the subsea industry. Dr David Smart, who has decades of knowledge and experience in diving medicine, delivers a series of lectures throughout the course.

We also offer an ADAS Diver Medic Refresher course, for those who need to update their skills over 5 days. Refresher Price: $1,545 inc GST

Price: $3,090 inc GST . For all available dates and prices click here.

Certificates Gained

  • ADAS Diver Medic

For more information email us on or call us on +61 3 6383 4844.


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Start Date
End Date
Cost (ex GST)
Cost (inc GST)
Start Date:  18/09/2017
End Date:  29/09/2017
Duration:  2 weeks
Cost (ex GST):  $3,090.00
Cost (inc GST):  $3,090.00
Start Date:  11/12/2017
End Date:  22/12/2017
Duration:  2 weeks
Cost (ex GST):  $3,090.00
Cost (inc GST):  $3,090.00


Before applicants can attend an ADAS Diver Medic Course they must hold a current certification in the following units of competency:

  • HLTFA301B Apply first aid
  • PUAEME003C Administer oxygen in an emergency situation
  • HLTFA404A Apply advanced resuscitation techniques

– Or (recommended)

  • HLTFA402A Advanced First Aid (this unit includes the competency requirements for all three of the above prerequisites and we recommend this to our students)
  • Current commercial diving medical – AS2299.1 or HSE (required even if no longer diving – it is assumed that as a Diver Medic you may be at times required to be in the chamber under pressure and therefore would require medical certification that you are fit to do so.)
  • In addition to the above, candidates for Offshore Diver Medic certification must also hold or have held:
    • an ADAS Part 3 or 4 or equivalent;
    • an LST certification;
    • or offshore supervisory qualification.
  • (For more information regarding First Aid and Oxygen provision requirement please visit the ADAS website.)

Note:  If you hold an ADAS Part 1 or 2 or recognized equivalent commercial diving certification, you will be issued with an ADAS Onshore Diver Medic certification. 

**The ADAS Diver Medic Refresher courses will re-validate the Diver Medic ticket for a further 3 years.  To renew a Diver Medic Technician certificate/qualification, ADAS requires that you must attend a refresher course prior to the expiry date of the certificate.

ADAS requires all students from non-English speaking countries to undertake Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) testing prior to commencing their course. Click here for more information and to complete the questionnaire.

All students who undertake nationally recognised training in Australia delivered by a Registered Training Organisation are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This application process will take a few minutes to complete and is free of charge. For full details of how to obtain a USI, please click here.

Further Academic Qualifications. If you are intending to progress into higher level academic courses (e.g. Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree) please read the attached document with regard the additional option of attaining the VET Certificate in addition to the ADAS certificate as part of your course here at The Underwater Centre.

For more information email us on or call us on +61 3 6383 4844.

For more information and advice about our training contact one of our Student Advisors;
Or call +61 3 6383 4844