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Premium Package

The ultimate Commercial Diver Training Package


12 week Premium Package: $21,895

Get your commercial diving career off to a great start with the ultimate course package.  Our Premium Package includes the vital ADAS Parts 1, 2 and 3 certifications, as well as important subsea construction skills and tools.  This new package also includes additional training and certifications, which industry have told us they would like to see more commercial divers possessing – PADI Nitrox Users and Kirby Morgan Helmet and Bandmask Operators certifications.

Our Premium Package trains you to a level which will provide flexibility in your future career prospects as a commercial diver, and provides a range of career options such as onshore civil engineering and, longer-term, offshore work. The package gives you a convenient way to gain your commercial diving accreditation, allowing you to focus on your training rather than paperwork helping you get started as you embark on your new career.

This package includes:

  • Course manuals
  • Copy of Australian Standards
  • ADAS Diver’s logbook
  • ADAS accreditation and certification costs
  • Safety kit (includes; overalls, hard hat, ear protectors, safety glasses, rigger’s gloves and high vis vest).
  • Dive companies contact directory
  • Instruction and Advice with CV preparation
  • Transportation to and from dive sites
  • Transportation to and from accommodation
  • Accommodation for the 12 week duration of the course (includes meals for last 2 weeks)

The certificates you will obtain when you complete the Premium Package are:

  • ADAS Part 1 Occupational SCUBA Diver to 30m
  • ADAS Part 2 Occupational Diver to 30m
  • ADAS Part 3 Occupational Diver to 50m
  • ADAS Endorsed Chamber Operator certification
  • ADAS Endorsed PADI Nitrox Users Certification and Nitrox endorsement on ADAS card
  • Kirby Morgan Helmet and Bandmask Operators Course and Certification

All of our ADAS commercial diving courses are recognised by IMCA under the IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving.

Price: $21,895 inc GST. For all available dates and prices click here.

Students who complete our Premium Package also receive a 5% discount of any future courses at The Underwater Centre.

For more information email us on or call us on +61 3 6383 4844.

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This part of the package will expand on your leisure diving experience and knowledge and apply it to commercial diving.  It takes four weeks to complete and starts the process of teaching you to work underwater.  This course will train you on communication procedures and familiarise you with the equipment and procedures used by commercial divers, including rescues and how to work safely and competently as a commercial diver.  You’ll also gain important training and experience on certain underwater skills and tools, such as hand tools, inspection techniques and rigging.  This course will provide you with 21 dives to a maximum depth of 30m.

The ADAS Part 2 Course, which also takes four weeks to complete, will provide the knowledge and experience of using surface supplied diving equipment along with different types of masks. During this part of the course you will also gain valuable training in the use of underwater tools, such as pneumatic and hydraulic tools, welding and cutting, use of a chain saw, impact wrench and lifting bag, as well as a hydraulic drill, angle grinder and chisel.  These are subsea construction tools and techniques which you will use frequently in your career as a commercial diver.  During this part of the course, you’ll complete a total of 24 dives to a maximum depth of 30m.

This four week element of the package will add to the experience and knowledge you’ve already gained, and will teach you to dive to 50m using surface supplied breathing apparatus, as well as wet bell diving.  The experience gained on this part of the course, including the use of deck decompression chambers and other work related subjects, will prepare you to meet offshore diving industry requirements.  As well as learning to dive from a wet bell using a hot water suit, you will also be trained in surface decompression and the use of hydraulic tools at specific depths.

Nitrox is increasingly being used in the commercial diving industry, and is any combination of oxygen and nitrogen as an underwater breathing gas.  Nitrox is increasingly being used in the commercial diving industry, so we have included this element into the package to increase the range of jobs you will be able to work on.

It lets divers breathe comparatively less nitrogen on dives, increasing their bottom time and/or increasing their safety limits when compared to ‘normal’ air diving.

The advantage for a commercial diver with a PADI Nitrox Endorsement is that, as more diving contractors/ employers fully understand the benefits to their business of using Nitrox, you become invaluable.

Kirby Morgan Helmets are widely recognised the world over as the standard in commercial diving equipment. When working as a commercial diver, the company you are working for will provide the helmet for the job, however your employer will expect you to be able to competently perform inspection, set-up and operation procedures.
This course will train you to Kirby Morgan standards to identify equipment deficiencies and perform corrective adjustments and minor servicing of the hat, and efficiently mobilise and de-mobilise the equipment at the start and the end of each dive, ensuring that your new employer can have complete confidence in your care of their equipment. On completion of the course you will receive a two year certification from Kirby Morgan (USA).

Tasmania Premium Package - Enquiry

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Dates & Prices

Please note: Dates marked as Red are Full

For the most up-to-date course dates and availability please contact our student advisors.

Start Date
End Date
Cost (ex GST)
Cost (inc GST)
Start Date:  26/06/2017
End Date:  15/09/2017
Duration:  12 weeks
Cost (ex GST):  $21,700.00
Cost (inc GST):  $21,895.00
Start Date:  18/09/2017
End Date:  08/12/2017
Duration:  12 weeks
Cost (ex GST):  $21,700.00
Cost (inc GST):  $21,895.00

Case Study

Premium Package

Erik Jakobson

The Underwater Centre Tasmania Commercial Diviving Premium Package student Erik JacobsonCanadian Erik Jakobson successfully completed the ADAS Premium Package. He now enjoys some of the lifestyle benefits of being a commercial diver, like travelling and good rates of pay. It was Erik’s adventure-hungry nature that lured him to dive into the industry. Erik demonstrates how a complete lifestyle change can be achieved.

Erik: “I grew up in a small town outside of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. I have always enjoyed the water, sailing, fishing and swimming but was never a diver. I pushed for a job in Events and Marketing studying with a Canadian College and then continuing on to Griffith University on the Gold Coast.’

‘After my studies I worked with a sales agency representing Burton Snowboards in Ontario as an Event Coordinator. I moved to Whistler, British Columbia to snowboard and manage a sports store’.

What attracted you to the subsea sector?

‘I was looking for something totally different: after some encouragement and further research it supported the lifestyle I was looking for. I was looking for a specialised purpose. In the water, even a simple task becomes a challenge. Diving requires you to overcome any fear of the water or its marine life. Achieving confidence in an unfamiliar environment makes you feel as though you can do anything.

‘A colleague of mine was a former student of The Underwater Centre in Tasmania, who highly recommended the career path starting with the Centre. I was originally enrolled in the Part 3 Premium Package but was offered a job after completing Part 2. Although I may well look at returning to the Centre in the future to complete my Part 3, which you need to be able to work offshore’.

Tell us more about why you choose to train at The Underwater Centre?

‘I attended The Underwater Centre, Tasmania, because the package options made the transition from Canada to diver training in Tasmania very easy. The administrative care and enthusiasm simplified the finer logistical details of payment, transportation and lodging.

‘I feel I have been very fortunate to receive the level of training and care offered by my instructors at The Underwater Centre, Tasmania – it was a professional, safe and a fun place to be.

‘At the Centre, there was a major focus on safe practices which are drilled into the students. They reiterate that repetition breeds a safety culture amongst students. So on the job you can be confident in your abilities and your equipment’.

Can you tell us about the ins and outs of what working as a commercial diver is like for you?

‘Learning more every day; working hard; being safe and continuing the adventure.

I enjoy working with a team. Everyday has something new to offer, for example: weather, the tides influence on the current, visibility – and that I’m being challenged.

‘I least enjoy the short term time in remote areas away from my family’.

Would you encourage others to seek a job subsea?

‘I would encourage others to see seek a job in the subsea industry, if you want a challenge and the opportunity to earn a good living’.

Could I do it?

‘Diving is actually safer than you think. And Australia offers the best rates in the world. I am happy working onshore making $350 a day, with accommodation provided; although if you go offshore or into saturation diving work you can earn much more.

‘I was lucky to have a contact in the industry, which helped me but most of my classmates have also found work”.



In order to be able to attend our Premium Package you will require the following: 

  • Current recognised certificate of recreational diving card (e.g. PADI, SSI, or NAUI) (e.g. an open water sports diver qualification from a recognised SCUBA training organisation) or a certificate as a military diver and demonstrate logged evidence of at least 10 dives undertaken since receiving certification and within 6 months of commencing the ADAS training course. If you do not hold a recognised certification card, please let us know and we can advise how to organise this quickly and easily.
  • Current recognised Senior or Apply First Aid certificate (First Aid qualifications must meet the competency requirements of HLTFA402C Apply first aid).
  • Current recognised Oxygen Provision certificate (must meet the competency requirements of national code PUAEME003C Administer oxygen in an emergency situation).
  • Obtain a commercial diving medical – AS2299 or HSE.  Must be in date and cover the full duration of the course.  The certificate is to have been issued within 90 days of the commencement of the training.
  • Be a competent swimmer – Competence should be demonstrated by the trainee completing a 200m swim on the surface using mask, fins and snorkel while wearing SCUBA equipment and neutrally buoyant within eight minutes and by the trainee treading water for ten (10) minutes.
  • Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and vulgar fractions. Be able to calculate percentages, and solve simple formulas, i.e. gas laws.
  • Photo ID (e.g. driver license, passport or National ID Card).
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • English Language – It is a requirement that all students attending an ADAS course must have the ability to read and understand written and verbal communications in the English language and make themselves understood using English. To prove your ability ADAS requires all students from non-English speaking countries to undertake Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) testing and certification prior to commencing a course; visit the LLN website to register and for more details
  • Please Note:  Although you are not expected to hold the more advanced certification, Apply Advanced First Aid – HLTFA402B, if you do have this it will cover all of the ADAS requirements for First Aid and Oxygen provision.
  • All students who undertake nationally recognised training in Australia delivered by a Registered Training Organisation are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This application process will take a few minutes to complete and is free of charge. For full details of how to obtain a USI, please click here.
  • Further Academic Qualifications. If you are intending to progress into higher level academic courses (e.g. Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor Degree) please read the attached document with regard the additional option of attaining the VET Certificate in addition to the ADAS certificate as part of your course here at The Underwater Centre.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the above pre-requisites, or your level of English, please contact our student advisors.

If you attend our 12 week Premium Package, you will also be entitled to a 5% discount off your Mixed Gas/ Closed Bell and Post Graduate Courses.

Kit List

You are required to bring the following with you:

  • Plenty of warm clothing;
  • High visibility foul weather gear (waterproofs);
  • A pair of steel toe-capped safety/ leather work boots;
  • Personal dive equipment such as dive knife, fins, gloves, mask and booties.

We have a dive shop on site and provide discounts to our students on course.

As part of this package you will receive:

  • ADAS accreditation and certification
  • ADAS Diver’s logbook
  • Course manuals
  • Safety kit, including overalls, hard hat, ear protectors, safety glasses, rigger’s gloves and high visibility vest
  • Semi-dry suit and thermal hood
  • Job search assistance and support, including a copy of Diving Contractor spreadsheet and advice with CV preparation
  • Transportation to and from dive sites (conditions apply)
  • Transportation to and from accommodation (conditions apply)
  • Accommodation is included as part of the Premium Package, to a total value of $2145.*

We will provide you with all commercial diving equipment for the commercial diving course.

*Please Note: In order to complete the deep dives in the final two weeks of the Package, accommodation at our Lake Cethana training site is mandatory, due to its remote location. The cost of accommodation, and meals, for the final two weeks of the Package is $605 – this cost is included in the overall Package price of $21,895.

For more information email us on or call us on +61 3 6383 4844.

For more information and advice about our training contact one of our Student Advisors;
Or call +61 3 6383 4844