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Steve Hallett

Steve Hallett 3.Steve worked at the Glasstree mine for three years, before going back to working as a sheet metal worker for a couple of years. During this time, he took the decision to retrain as a commercial diver and spent a lot of time researching his options. He applied to train at The Underwater Centre, Tasmania, and started his course in June 2012, where he completed the ADAS (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme) Parts 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Diver Medic Technician Course (DMT).

Since completing the commercial diving course last month, Steve and his family have moved to the Perth area, Western Australia, where he is currently applying for jobs in the subsea industry.

“I love diving and I enjoy construction, putting things together and learning new skills, so I thought why not put it all together and become an occupational diver. It has certainly been a worthwhile investment,” he said.

“I was keen to take all the skills and knowledge I had accumulated over the years and see if I could apply them to the diving world. It is a never-ending challenge of learning – and I have learned a lot through my training. The staff at The Underwater Centre, Tasmania, are what makes it a great place to learn and train – they are friendly and approachable, and the instruction is very high quality.

“You can earn a good living being an aquaculture diver, or an onshore construction diver, but the offshore sector is where the big bucks are at the moment. I am hoping to start off by doing some onshore work in the construction and marine sector, then after a couple of years try my luck getting some work in the offshore sector. Ultimately, though, I would like to end up as a saturation diver in Australia.

“The training I received at The Underwater Centre taught me that regardless of water condition and visibility, through team work, good supervision, good communication and thorough planning and risk assessment, most tasks can be done safely and efficiently. There was also a high degree of reality to the training that I received.

“What I am most looking forward to about working as a commercial diver are the new experiences, learning new skills, meeting new people, travelling to different places and progressing my career.”

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