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Experience & Competence Assessment - HSE Surface Supplied & Top Up

SAVE up to £924 with free full-board accommodation on our 3 week course and gain the internationally recognised HSE qualification.


3 week Experience & Competence Assessment – HSE Surface Supplied & Top Up: £4,475 ex VAT*

Our Experience & Competence Assessment Course (ECA) allows experienced surface supplied air divers who do not have internationally recognised diving certificates to complete the assessments for the HSE Surface Supplied courses and gain the HSE Surface Supplied and HSE Surface Supplied Top Up certificates. This will give you certification that is recognised by the subsea industry world-wide, allowing you to take your career further.

*Price including FREE full-board accommodation £4,475 ex VAT – offer extended to the end of June, subject to change

The certificates you will obtain when you complete this course are:

  • HSE Surface Supplied
  • HSE Surface Supplied Top Up
  • First Aid at Work

All of our HSE commercial diving courses are recognised by IMCA under the IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving.

Please note, this is an assessment course only for experienced divers.  For courses including full tuition please see related courses.

Dates & Prices

Please note: Dates marked as Red are Full

For the most up-to-date course dates and availability please contact our student advisors.

Start Date
End Date
Cost (ex VAT)
Cost (inc VAT)
Start Date:  22/05/2017
End Date:  09/06/2017
Duration:  3 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £4,475.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £5,370.00
Start Date:  24/07/2017
End Date:  11/08/2017
Duration:  3 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £4,475.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £5,370.00
Start Date:  13/11/2017
End Date:  01/12/2017
Duration:  3 weeks
Cost (ex VAT):  £4,475.00
Cost (inc VAT):  £5,370.00


In order to be able to attend our ECA Surface Supplied course you will require the following: 

  • Log book evidence of dives undertaken at work at a range of specified depths within the two years prior to starting the course. Dives undertaken as part of a training course or recreational dives are not accepted.
  • A thorough knowledge of USN standard air and surface decompression schedules (revision 6) and British Navy line signals as well as the general principles of diving, as these will be assessed with no prior lectures. There will be a lecture on UK legislation.
  • A good understanding of English language as most of the course is carried out using voice communications.
  • An ‘in-date’ United Kingdom HSE Diving Medical Certificate (we also accept Norwegian, Dutch or Irish HSA approved Diving Medical Certificates, please contact us if you have a medical from these countries to ensure it is accepted);
    • Please note that if this is your first HSE UK Diving Medical, you must obtain an MA1 form completed by your own family doctor and take this to the doctor carrying out your HSE Medical.
    • If you have already passed an HSE UK Diving Medical, you must take your MA2 form – this is the front page of your previous HSE UK Diving Medical – as the doctor needs this to carry out your medical.
    • For full details of the HSE Diving Medical and what exactly it involves, click here
    • For contact details of your nearest medical examiner, approved to carry out your HSE Diving Medical

For more information and advice about our training contact one of our Student Advisors;
Or call +44 1397 703 786